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What I Do

This is your one-stop-shop massage therapist that specializes in  hot stone therapy,  Reflexology,  Deep Tissue massage, Swedish massages, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Thai Massage, Sciatic Release.  If you don’t know which treatment you need,  I will take the time to study your habits and determine the pressure, temperature, and motion best suited for your body’s condition.

Client Testimonials

I have had massages all over the world and to my surprise found, arguably the best ever, right here in Austin. Trudi's massage is not just a massage, it's an experience.  From  her talented hands, the environment, to the treatment, her service is absolutely without equal. I can arrive sore, tired, restless, and generally feeling blah and leave a complete new human being.

Robert S. 

9AM - 9PM M-F, 8AM - 9PM Sat-Sun   +1.5122841146

The  Massage Therapist

Trudi has been a licensed massage therapist for over 18 years now. She graduated from the European Institute for Massage Therapy and studied under a prominent chiropractor and learned her technique from one of the top orthopedic therapists in the country.  She's best known for her detailed deep tissue work and has worked at the top destination spa in the country. 

Pampering Professionals

Massage Sanctuary

 My massages sanctuary touches the senses—sight, sound and smell with dim lights, candles aglow and music filling the room.  You will melt into the warm massage table and experience a true artisan, as I slowly work my magic to bring you to an unprecedented state of relaxation. Spa quality massage oil's are used. Hypo-allergic and water based oils and lotions are available, so as to not stain your clothing. Great for body moisturizing. 

Trudis is hands down the only person I let massage me! My back is so tense and so sensitive, I was always afraid to get a massage. She works with you and your comfort level. I highly recommend Trudi!

LaRinda C.